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How often is the test organized?

The IELTS test is organized 3 times per month in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

When is the next test date?

The test dates in 2014 at IDP Education Vietnam in each city are as follows:

Test dates with *: for Academic Module and General Module.

Test dates without *:  for Academic only.


IELTS Test Date 2014
Month     HCMC     Hanoi  Can Tho Hải Phòng
Jan 9* 18* 25   9* 18* 25      
Feb 15* 22     15* 22        
Mar 1 8* 15*   1 8* 15*   15* 15*
Apr 5* 12 24*   5* 12 24*      
May 10* 17* 24   10* 17* 24      
Jun 7* 21* 28   7* 21* 28     21*
Jul 10* 12 19* 26 10* 12 19* 26    
Aug 2* 9 16* 21 2* 9 16* 21    
Sep 6* 20* 27   6* 20* 27     20*
Oct 2* 18* 25   2* 18* 25      
Nov 1* 8 22*   1* 8 22*      
Dec 6* 13* 20   6* 13* 20     13*


Where does the IELTS test take place?

IELTS examinations are organized in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City regularly. Hotels with large halls, sound, light, confidentiality and infrastructure of international standards are chosen.

The test venue for the writing session is advised at the time of registration if it is confirmed. The time and venue for the speaking test will be advised on the writing test date. Otherwise, the time and venue will be advised via the Test admission slip, email or by telephone prior to the test date.

Items allowed into the test room

Candidates are only allowed to bring their original ID Card or Passport (used in registration), normal pens and pencils. Pencils will be provided in the test room. IDP reserves the right to check and refuse suspected items.

Items NOT allowed into the test room

Mobile phones, personal belongings and electronic devices are banned from the test room. Candidates are strongly encouraged not to bring money and valuable belongings to the test venue. All non permitted items must be left outside the test room and IDP is not responsible for any loss of candidates’ property.

Any candidate who intentionally uses a device to copy or remove test materials out of the test room will have their result cancelled and be reported to authorized agencies.

IELTS test fee at IDP

The test fee since 21/04/2014 is VND3,500,000.

The fee is subject to change without prior notice. Candidates are advised to consult IDP prior to official payment.


Important notes:

o    The test schedule is subject to change depending on the number of candidates and the test venue.

o    The writing session (Listening, Reading and Writing) takes place in the morning of the official test date (9.00am to 12.00am)

o    The oral session takes place on the same day or within 5 days before or after the official writing test date.

o    Candidates must be proactive to contact IDP Offices to confirm their registration if they do not receive the test time and venue.

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