Lam Boi Ngoc is one of the youngest IELTS candidates to achieve a band score of 8.0 on 7th January 2012. She spent 2 months practicing IELTS tests at home. Boi Ngoc also took part in the Practicing Speaking and Writing skills 2 times at IDP and found it very helpful. The teacher pointed out her weaknesses, so she was able to correct them and didn’t feel nervous when taking the Speaking test.

The most difficult skill for her is writing. Not satisfied with the writing result, she would like to improve and redo this part in the near future.

Boi Ngoc is looking for scholarships from several universities in Australia. However, she is only in grade 11 now so her plan to study in Australia will be achieved in 2 years. Her short-term plan is to take IELTS test again to improve the result of her writing and listening.


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